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30 Days of goodness: Day 12

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Hello again all you lovely people out there! I miss the presence of people more and more as the days go by! I hope you are well and provided for and keeping some hope alive! As the days go by my family and I step on each other’s toes in different ways. We frustrate, disappoint, anger and hurt each other on occasion. It’s impossible not to living in such close quarters (and we do these things normally too, they just feel more pronounced now!) I had a thought tonight, though, that brought me some peace. Every day I get to choose my battles. Every day I get to think “What’s going to set me off today?” or “What’s going to bring me joy today?” They’re both within our choosing. Even when so few things feel under our control anymore, we still have perspective. We get to choose our battles.

On the home front

We all laughed at funny Tik Toks last night…and the kids laughed at how I don’t know how to use the app.

I finished an essay today, among other things, which means I can take tomorrow off! It’s nice to have one day a week that’s not dedicated to school!

Jonah received the sweetest email from school. The staff made an encouraging video and sent it out to all the seniors to remind them they’re loved and missed. It was really special.

20200404_221516I’m supposed to read Great Expectations next, which I found an audio book for so I can listen and paint! Speaking of painting, I’m so excited about how my paint by number is coming along! Best purchase ever!



In the news

Hourly Workers at Largest Grocery Chain in US Are All Getting ‘Hero Bonuses’ for Their Service Amid COVID-19

When Student Was Having Trouble With Math Homework, Teacher Gave Her Private Lesson From Her Front Door

Mystery Mom Has Been Leaving Out Free Bagged Lunches ‘Made With Love’ for Anyone Who May Need Them


Some inspiration

You must concentrate upon and consecrate

yourself wholly to each day,

as though a fire were raging in your hair.




Have I told you recently how loved you are? YOU ARE LOVED and YOU MATTER!!!!


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