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30 Days of goodness: Day 7

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I’m still here and pushing through, trying to write even when I don’t feel like it. There is always something good, something to be grateful for.

On the home front

We had a Zoom chat with the entire family and it was wonderful and funny and heartwarming. I couldn’t have a better family. I’m so eternally grateful for them.

I got to wander around Costco today which made me feel more human somehow.

My cat only knows that we’re home more than ever before. It helps to have an innocent creature in the midst of everything.

A funny story: the other night I made tacos. We were out of sour cream so I grabbed some plain yogurt and put a generous dob on my taco. Halfway through I started to worry that the salsa had gone bad. I turned the yogurt to look at it. Vanilla. I don’t recommend switching out sour cream with vanilla yogurt. At least not on tacos.


My paint by number for adults came in the mail and it’s keeping my mind  occupied.



Inspiration for the day

We consider bibles and religions divine-

I do not say they are not divine,

I say they have all grown out of you, and may grow out of you still,

It is not they who give the life, it is you who give the life,

Leaves are no more shed from the trees, or trees from the earth, than they are shed out of you.

Walt Whitman


You are loved and you matter!

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