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30 Days of goodness: Day 4

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Day 4 and the days are blending together in such a way I never know if I’m coming or going. I feel like my true self appears when I’m not on a schedule! It’s not great! However, we press on!

On the home front

My girls and I continue to work out together! There is not a single muscle in my body that doesn’t hurt…but I’m so grateful for the time and energy to finally focus on fitness!

I baked a German Chocolate cake last night. We needed something special and it was a favorite of mine growing up. And it was sooo good!

My kids went to a park to watch the sunset.

We’re hardly watching any t.v., the kids are listening to podcasts! What??

After much research on food safety we ordered from Olive Garden! It was nice to have a meal from somewhere other than our kitchen!


Small pleasures – many bands are live streaming music for free so I was able to see


one of my favorite bands, Grouplove, put on a mini concert! And there are lots more planned!



In the news 

Chinese Company Ships Crates of Masks to Italy Covered in Italian Poetry: We Are ‘Leaves of the Same Tree’

TV Medical Dramas Are Donating All Their Gowns, Gloves, and Masks to Real Hospitals Fighting COVID-19


Across Canada, Scaremongering Becomes ‘Caremongering’ as Citizens Help Each Other In Challenging Times


Inspiration for the day

Take a few minutes to these beautiful thoughts on dealing with fear by Sarah Blondin



Remember, you are loved and you matter!

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