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Detoxing and other fun things

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 The term detox definitely  comes with a negative connotation in my book. You rarely hear anything positive concerning the act of detoxing…unless, of course, you’re talking about that detox green smoothie you had at the gym after a really intense 10 minute workout.

My friend and I are on a detox of sorts. We started following a program dedicated to gut health. But part of the process of getting that fabulous 6 pack gut is detoxing                                                                                                                   (you know, because of all the days you didn’t drink a green smoothie).

My friend seemed to be detoxing like a goddess, darn her. She was feeling great and eating things she previously couldn’t (without a chaser of Pepto Bismol). It’s not that I begrudge her her healthy feelings. It’s just that while she seems to be pooping rose petals, I am releasing remains from the La Brea Tar Pit and have broken out in a rash that is so itchy it feels like I have bathed in a vat of poison ivy stew.

Too much information? Isn’t that kind of what a detox is, though? Too much information…leaving the body.

Speaking of too much information, I’ve been taking a college math course in attempt to finish my bachelors degree. Finally. But that’s a topic for another day. It’s supposed to be this intro college math course so of course the cocky part of my brain was like “ I got this in the cerebral bag!”

Instead, this class has been kicking my butt across the floor and under the couch where scary things live. And the thing is, I’m passing the stupid ol’ class…with a C. C!!! This “intro” class has laid waste to my perfect GPA. I know, I should be pleased just to pas. But I am one of those people. You know the ones. The ones who get way too much satisfaction, as well as find their entire value as a human being in what they can accomplish. This class is not only hard, but it makes me feel stupid and lame and like I deserve to live under the couch with the scary things.

Some things in life can make you feel so low or worthless or lame or useless. That was this class. And that’s when I realized, sometimes the detox that needs to happen is in your mind. You know, that thing floating around in your head that houses all those negative thoughts. They are just as toxic to you as all those Cheetos, Ben & Jerry’s, and rum and cokes.

I have to let go of the desire to be perfect or get everything right. The desire to have a clean kitchen or nice underwear. I have to realize that I am still a fantastic person even though I prefer to inhale an ice cream cone, rather than to find its volume (yes, this was a question in my math class). And that I’ll never live in one of those million dollar homes with a 48% down payment, 18 closing points, and an APR of 8.3% (it takes a rocket scientist to solve those amortized loan problems anyway.)

Detoxing is hard because it can make us feel yucky for a time. But releasing toxins from the body and the mind will always be a good thing. Sometime we’re full of too much information/inflammation/spicy cheetos/self doubt that needs to leave the body. So, don’t fight the detox. It might be just the thing your mind and body needs.

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