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Multitasking at it’s worst

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Getting ready in the morning in a small house with four individuals and one extraordinarily small bathroom (if my bathroom was a car it would be one of those funny 2 person electric) is no small feat. So inevitably I have to wisely utilize every chance I get to use the bathroom. This morning I was blow drying my hair while eating jelly toast. It was all fine and dandy until I finished my toast. Realizing my hands were rather jelly-ish I went to rinse them in the sink. While still drying my hair, mind you. Apparently they put those warnings on hair dryers for people like me. How embarrassing.

The point is, we all have to multitask on occasion. Or maybe more frequently, like all day. But there has to come a time when you just say no. Well, maybe that’s not exactly the right message. It didn’t exactly pan out in the 80’s. Maybe it’s more that it’s time to re-evaluate. We all have a lot to fit into our day. But, come on! Washing your hands while using the blow dryer? Everyone knows that’s a big no-no!! And what about texting while driving. Plain stupid. Or pretending to listen to what your kids says while you’re actually figuring out what to make for dinner. Almost as stupid as the texting thing. It will come back to haunt you. I promise.

I say this a lot but I’ll say it again – Life is short. Take time to breathe, and smell the flowers, and sit down at a proper table to eat your jelly toast. That text can wait a few more minutes. Dinner will still be waiting to be made after your daughter’s exhaustive explanation of how Lucy almost had a date to homecoming but then Tommy’s skanky ex-girlfriend came back in the picture…

Pick flowers. Take the dog for a walk. Read a good book. Watch an awesome show. You don’t have to cram so many things into every waking moment. And for the love of all that’s holy – do not wash your hands while using the hair dryer!



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