Where The Rubber Hits The Road

Dating is like job interview after job interview…

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I found this old blog post and it still rings true and made me laugh. Dating is hard!


I decided it was time to get back in the saddle, so to speak, and give dating a try. I’ve been out of the dating game for some time so I had no idea how complicated it could be. I’m

discovering it’s just like a job interview. So much thought goes into what esther-williams-402543_960_720to wear, how to answer questions, how eager to appear. And I’m nervous every time. I find myself pondering things like, if I wear my favorite blouse and best makeup on the first date what do I have to wow him with next time? And how do I get my hair to have that freshly tousled look, like I’ve taken a nice stroll along the beach while a light breeze blew through my locks?

That’s just leading up to the date. During the date I wonder if I’m coming off too casual or too attentive. Did I laugh too long at that joke? Why did he look at me weird when I said I was having a great time but still had to be home by 9:00 to watch Vampire Diaries?
How much information do I divulge on a first date? I want to seem open but not like I have no boundaries. How and when do I bring up the fact that I have kids? Do I casually work i
t into conversation? “The other day I took my kids and my dog on this fantastic hike and…oh, I did mention I have a dog, right?” Maybe I could bring out a game show host to announce, “But wait, there’s more! This showcase also includes three spectacular, high quality, no fuss no muss children from a previous marriage!”  And most importantly, do I break the news before or after the dessert menu comes?

Meeting a guy is so much harder than I anticipated. What happened to meeting the old fashioned way? No, I don’t mean down at the malt shop. But something like that. I mean where you accidentally bump carts at the grocery store or reach for the same book at the library.

Now its all happening online. I’ve been persuaded to check out the glorious world of online dating. After completing a simple questionnaire of 20 pages asking everything from my political views to my shoe size I get to fill out the part where I design my perfect mate. Yes, I’m serious.  I can request his age, shape, color, religion, fitness level. I can request that he drink, but oman-1150037_960_720nly in good company; compliment me in front of all the right people, enjoy rugged outdoor activities while wearing a tight fitting flannel and North Face vest, AND he bring me a bowl of ice cream to eat while we sit and watch Desperate Housewives together.  The options are endless. The only part of the questionnaire I noticed was missing was the part that asks “How frequently do you over exaggerate, under exaggerate or downright lie on questionnaires such as this?” I think this should be a new addition.

I miss the days when the only question I had to answer was, “Do you like him or do you LIKE him, like him?

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