Where The Rubber Hits The Road

Procrastination at its finest

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I keep meaning to call up an old friend. But every time I intend to do it I think, this is probably not a good time. She’s probably in the middle of something. So, I put it off for another day, in which case I inevitably also don’t call because, well, she’s probably busy.

It finally struck me just how ridiculous I was being. Of course she’s in the middle of something. She’s alive isn’t she?  She has a husband and four kids. She is probably listening to a story, or giving directions, or planning a meal, or getting dressed, or reading a book, or giving a look, or breathing… We are all in the middle of something all the time. Like literally. I had put off calling a friend because I might interrupt her breathing. How dumb is that.

Sometimes I forget that certain things take precedence. That I would gladly drop any of the menial tasks I do in a day to receive a phone call from a friend (or from anyone really!) So, of course she would too. My logic had been just plain dumb. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to call my friend now. Time to leave dumb logic behind.

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